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Kijani Medical Limited is the manufacturer, supplier and distributer of sante brand – the best brand of sante latex gloves, sante nitrile gloves, sante powdered and non-powdered gloves – and is a leading commodities trading firm specialising in the importation and distribution of medical equipment and consumables, pharmaceuticals, hospital supplies and health products in Kenya and the broader East African region.

We pride ourselves in offering quality, market specific products at very competitive rates.

At KML, we understand that good health is integral to the growth and prosperity of our communities. We have our clients at the centre of our business and have built our company on a philosophy of “a healthier you in a better world”. We are dedicated to constantly innovating, understanding the demands of our dynamic market and bettering our service delivery to ensure that our products meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele.

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of medical equipment and consumables including specialised equipment. The Company maintains expansive contacts and could easily source any specialized equipment currently not in our catalogues.

Our major clients include wholesalers, hospitals, County Governments and humanitarian agencies.

Our growth strategy underlines the continued importance of focusing on building a profitable and sustainable business platform which will contribute to the wholesome development of our communities through quality and affordable health products and services. We further seek to make a significant contribution in developing a globally competitive indigenous health industry.

Our office is located in Sirona House , Koinange Kaunda Street Junction Opposite Cardinal Otunga Plaza, 1st floor room 204 within the Nairobi Central Business District and warehousing facilities is located on Njathaini Road, Off Kiambu Road.