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PVC Body Bags Black

  • Adult Heavy Duty Transport Body Bag
  • Made of Heavy Duty  Virgin PVC (-15ºC Cold Crack Resistant)
  • Eight (8) Padded Handles, Heat Sealed Into the Bag for Comfortable Handling During Transport.
  • All Seams are Electronically Heat Sealed to comply with OSHA Regulation 3130 (Containment of Bodily Fluid)
  • Envelope Style Zipper, With Heavy Duty Dual Pulls.

PVC Body Bags White

  • Adult Heavy Duty Transport Body Bag
  • Made of  Virgin PVC (-15ºC Cold Crack Resistant)
  • Six (6) Padded Handles, Heat Sealed Into the Bag for Comfortable Handling During Transport.
  • All Seams are Electronically Heat Sealed to comply with OSHA Regulation 3130 (Containment of Bodily Fluid)
  • Envelope Style Zipper, With Heavy Duty Dual Pulls.

Medical Protective Gowns

Sterile, Reinforced, SMS fabric, Surgeon Gown with increased barrier


Dependable safety clothing for protection against chemical splashes.
  • Our safety coverall is perfect for laboratories, factories and other facilities where chemical hazard is present.
  • Made from material that features microporous film laminated to a spunbonded polypropylene substrate that effectively blocks liquid.
  • Offers protection against non-hazardous aerosoles, liquid splashes and other particles.

Gauze Rolls

Infrared Thermometer

First Aid Kit

Elbow Crutches


Needles & Syringes

Lugols Iodine


Weighing Scale

Baby Weighing Scale

Theatre Gowns

Theatre Caps

Face Masks


The medical scrub is made of cotton twill material. the material is firm and long lasting and does not expand or shrink after washing.

Nurses Caps

  • Blue Colour
  • One Size Fits All
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  •  HACCP certified

Household Gloves

  • PVC Household Gloves
  • Cuff Material: Polyester with waterproof coating
  • Oil resistance,Acid resistance,Durable,Defend against the cold,etc.

Industrial Gloves

  • Latex Industrial gloves are made of quality natural emulsion
  • They are made with advanced technology and according to reasonable technological direction
  • They are suitable for manual workers and protect their skin

Nitrile Gloves

PE Gloves

  • Clear colour
  • One Size Fits All
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  •  HACCP certified

Surgical Gloves

Material: natural rubber latex

Sterilization by Gamma ray or EO

Hospital Screens


  • Tubular Frame work mounted on 5 cms Castor with Curtains
  • Framework of Mild Steel, epoxy powder coated
  • On Castor
  • Supplied with 1 set of curtains


Examination Couch

  • PVC/PU leather,inside pad with new thick foam
  • three sections
  • completely with comfortable headrest & backrest, footrest
  • two gas pole to adjust the degree of backrest,and iron adjustor to adjust the degree of footrest.

Manual Hospital Bed

  • Epoxy coated bed frame, with Collapsible alumnium alloy side rails, and detachable ABS engineering plastic headboards ,
  • three function, which can be operated by manual crank
  • protection strip in bed lateral side & Anti-bumper in four corners, location for IV rod in each corner
  • Four dia-125mm individual castors with brakes

Delivery Bed

  • PVC/PU leather,inside pad with new thick foam
  • three sections
  • completely with comfortable headrest,backrest,armrest,footrest,basin,supporting iron
  • two gas pole to adjust the degree of backrest,and iron adjustor to adjust the degree of footrest.

Drip Stand

●Stainless steel drip stand with double hook IV Pole
● Telescopic Pole with height adjustment
● Black composite base with swivel castors (1 braked)
● Head fitted with two hooks

Pedal Bins

20litres pedal bins allowing hands-free waste disposal

Medicine Trolley

Full stainless steel medicine trolley mounted on 4pcs of castors two with brakes

Electric 3 Function Bed

1) Backrest max upward angle: 75°
2) Footrest max upward angle: 40°
3) Height adjustment: 450-700mm

X-Ray Films

34×43 9,500/-
35×35 8,300/-
30×40 8,100/-
24×30 4,635/-
18×43 5,425/-

Ultrasound Scanner

Stationary Color Ultrasound Unit with trolley, multi-beam former to improve image resolution.

Mamoray Films 18×24

Noninterleaved MAMORAY HDR-C Plus film provides high contrast mammography images with an enhanced skin line visualization The split emulsion layer technology creates an optimized curveshape for enhanced contrast and image detail. Recommended for use with Agfa HD or HD-S Intensifyer Screens

Portable UltraSound Scanner

BIO 3000M, a full digital notebook ultrasound/ultrasonic scanner with extremely slimming appearance, is easy to carry (1.5 kg with a probe) and has powerful functions for multiple diagnosis purposes. High cost performance solution for family doctor, Individual clinics, medical team, emergency center and hospital doctor.

EDTA Tubes / Plain Tubes

Vactutainer® brand sterile hematology tubes with the BD Hemogard™ closure help to protect lab personnel from contact with blood on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube, as well as from blood splattering upon opening the tube. The rubber stopper is recessed inside the plastic shield so any drops left by a blood collection needle remain isolated from potential contact. Sold by the Box of 100 Tubes

Glucometer (strips)

The glucometer requires no coding; simply insert the test strip into the test strip slot and the meter powers on automatically.  Our raised, imprinted buttons make the meter easy to navigate. The small blood sample size makes it easy for a patient to utilize alternate site testing.

Kidney Dish

6″ stainless steel Kidney Dish is an item that has been used in medicine for centuries; the shape was originally designed so that kidney dishes can be held against a patient’s body. Kidney dishes are a widely used product in surgical procedures for holding small instruments and more importantly for rinsing with sterile water. The dishes are also used to contain samples for laboratory analysis.

Pulse Oximeter

A noninvasive method for monitoring a person’s oxygen saturation. This convenient finger oximeter detects blood-oxygen saturation quickly and non-invasively. This oximeter is ideal for measurements when exercising, playing sports or doing a quick health check.

Disposable shoe covers

  • Blue Colour
  • One Size Fits All
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  •  HACCP certified

Surgical Blades

Stainless surgical blades are for single use and it’s sterile. Available in type No 15, 22, 23 and No 25

Latex Examination Gloves

  • powdered with natural corn starch, which insolates the hand from latex layer
  • textured palm surface enhances grip for efficient instrument handling in dry and wet conditions
  • high tensile strength both at the beginning and end of the validity period, sterilised with ethylene oxide or , irradiation
  • exclusive glove mold with independent thumb design that allows for an anatomical fit and more natural movement in the fingers, thumb and palm; helps also to distinguish the right glove from the left one

Cord Clamps

  • Specially designed clamp with provision to avoid slippage of umbilical cord after clamping
  • Suitable for clamping the umbilical cord after birth
  • Security lock to prevent accidental opening after clamping
  • Grooved clamping area to prevent slipping of the umbilical cord

Infant Incubators

A neonatal incubator is a rigid box-like enclosure in which an infant can be kept in a controlled environment for observation and care. The device may include a heater, a fan, a container for water to add humidity, a control valve through which oxygen may be added, and access ports for nursing care.

Widal Test Kit

  • Qualitative slide agglutination test
  • No sample pre-dilution

Sitz Bath

The Sitz Bath was designed to provide hygiene for patients recovering from episiotomies, hemorrhoids and other conditions in the genital and anal areas. Features a convenient on/off flow control clip. Fits all standard toilets.


The otoscopes features standard illumination with a 2.5V vacuum bulb, three-times magnification and a rotating lens, dimmable rheostat,3 reusable ear specular – 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.0mm. Requires two C batteries (not inclu ded).

Ovum Forceps

Ovum forceps are commonly used to remove placental fragments inside the uterus. It is also used as a hemostat or a clamping instrument. All of our ovum forceps are made from high quality German stainless steel and carry a lifetime guarantee.

BP Monitor

Measuring your blood pressure at home made easy with Omron HEM-7203 automatic blood pressure monitor. Featuring Intellisense Technology, it automatically applies the right amount of pressure for fast, accurate and more comfortable measurements. It has blood pressure level indicator, memory for 30 sets of reading with date and time and displays average of last three readings taken within last 10 minutes. Its long battery life measures up to 1500 times.

Vaginal Specullum Metalic

Our stainless steel speculum is crafted in high quality, body friendly stainless steel and offers you many options for useage including stretching, observing, easy cleansing, douching and allows easy access to the cervix for those of you who like to check your cervix on a regular basis at home.

The smooth steal ensures comfortable insertion and this speculum can be used ina home or clinical environment.


High acoustic sensitivity makes the Stethoscopes ideal for any clinician. Superior construction and tunable diaphragms offer durability and versatility.

  • Dual Head Stethoscope
  • High acoustic sensitivity
  • Tunable diaphragms on both the adult and pediatric sides of the chestpiece
  • Single-piece, easy to clean diaphragm

Pap Smear Kits

  • “No-Touch” specimen pack provides maximum slide specimen protection
  • Ventilation folds allow wet slides to dry in courier pack

Haematology Machine

  • Three-part differentiation of WBC, 19 parameters +3 histograms
  •  Two counting modes: whole blood and prediluted
  •  Sample volume: 20 ul
  •  Throughput: 30 samples per hour
  •  Automatic clog removal and recounting function

Foley Catheters

Foley Catheters are constructed from soft latex with a silicone elastomer coating. The coating provides protection against urethral irritation. The catheter is color coded and the tips are round and smooth with two opposing eyes for maximum comfort. These urinary foley catheters are sterile and for single-use.

Tracheostomy Tubes

  • flexible for better adjustment for patient trachea
  • adjustable flange facilitate tube length adjustment
  • with high volume lov pressure cuff or without cuff
  • reinforcement made of stainless steel, kink-resistant
  • soft, smooth, transparent, adjustable flange
  • obturator, 2 neck tapes, marked pilot ballon
  • latex free, phthalate free
  • sterile, single use

Tongue Depressor

Used to depress the tongue to allow for examination of the mouth and throat. The most common modern tongue depressors are flat, thin, wooden blades, smoothed and rounded at both ends.

Vaginal Speculum

Disposable Vaginal Speculum was designed to eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing metal specula and to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Each single-use speculum is manufactured to deliver durability and reliability.